Vinyl decal film for color laser.

Adhesive glossy laser printable film & static cling


The Blue Line Laser Media is recommended for the Hewlett-Packard desk-top color laser printers such as the HP Color Pro 400 or similar printers. This film is especially made for the small desktop printing industry. Due to the nature of the soft vinyl and thickness of the film this media is not recommended for fast industrial duplicators and copiers. Sheet will have to be feed by hand one sheet at the time. 

The white adhesive film is ideal for outdoor permanent stickers, such as bumper stickers, parking tags store front signs etc. 

Permanent and removable adhesive laser film.

The glossy white and clear adhesive film is an ideal media (decal paper) to make professional stickers that can be used in mock up or trial production runs. Great for cosmetic production containers food labels instrument panels and outdoor stickers such as bumper stickers or production tags. Removable laser film is ideal for use where aggressive adhesive in not needed. The label can be peeled off after use and even re-used.

glossy White and glossy clear static cling

Some application call for film where any type of adhesive is no acceptable.  The Blue Line Laser Static Cling will adhere to glass and many glossy non-porous substrates such as glossy painted metal. 

adhesive film VS Static cling

The static cling is a soft vinyl film pressed onto lay flat liner (decal paper media) with no adhesive, and clings to glass without the use of adhesive.  Adhesive cling media such as the Papilio Ultra Cling has ultra removable adhesive and can therefor be used on substrates that static cling will not adhere to.

Ordering on-line

On our new e-commerce website you can order the blue-line-laser-media as well as other color laser film and adhesive vinyl sticker and adhesive polyester and static cling. Most of our decal film (decal papers) is made in the USA (Texas, Ohio and Arizona)  We welcome custom product requests and inquiries.

Other Digital Paper Products  & Links  offers wide selection of digital anything for highly specialized decal papers such as temporary tattoo, water decal media as well as specialized coached "specific purposed papers"

papilio digital media

On our ecommerce website you can order on line the Papilio Blue Line Laser media and there you can also find a wide selection of other digital media.  We keep in stock the largest selection of specialty decal paper, decal film, photo film and adhesive photo papers, all made in the USA

The blue line laser film is specially coated flexible vinyl film (decal paper or decal media) than you can print onto using most desktop color laser printers. We strongly recommend HP personal color laser printers or other small desktop color laser printers.

Our main products include: Decal paper, for color laser printers. Peel and stick, decal paper label stock.  Laser decal film. Laser printable film. Laser printable static cling, in clear (transparent)  and white. Laser glossy paper decal paper. Laser window static cling. Laser glossy polyester film decal paper.

All Papilio TM decal paper is made in the USA.

We offer a wide selection of Laser Deal Paper for personal desk-top color laser printers. Clear static cling for color laser printers. Color laser static cling. The Papilio TM blue line static cling that can be printed in color laser printers. Clear and glossy white color laser sticker paper. Clear color laser decal paper. The laser decal paper and the blue line laser media is recommended only is personal color laser desktop printers such as the Hewlett-Packard color laser printers.  The blue line laser decal paper can be custom die cut. Download our Label Helper Label Printing Software to print onto the Papilio decal paper media.

Blue-line Laser printable media is available in master sheets. Please contact us for special sheet sizes and prices.

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