glossy clear removable adhesive printable film


Clear removable laser decal.Product description

Glossy Clear Removable Adhesive Vinyl
Size: 8.5 in. X 11 in.
10 Sheets
Color: Gloss Clear


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The Blue Line Laser Media is recommended for desk-top color laser printers such as the HP Color Pro 400 or similar printers. This glossy clear  removable adhesive film is especially made for the small desktop printing industry. Due to the nature of the soft vinyl and thickness of the film this media is not recommended for fast industrial duplicators and copiers. Sheet will have to be feed by hand one sheet at the time. 

The blue line lase features an overlapped blue protective leading edge cover to prevent jamming. This feature virtually eliminates the chance of a paper jam.

This media is the perfect for creating your own custom production labels or bumper stickers. It is broadly compatible with most newer color laser printers, but works best with a printer which features a straight through paper path.


This permanent adhesive clear laser printable decal vinyl is ideal for creating unique one of a kind production labels or bumper stickers. This media allows you to change your labeling or packaging on the fly, providing greater flexibility and eliminating the need to purchase large quantities of labels or stickers ahead of time.

If you prefer Polyester We also offer adhesive glossy white polyester for color laser printers. Please go to for more information and  to order.

papilio digital media

On our ecommerce website you can order on line the Papilio Blue Line Laser media and there you can also find a wide selection of other digital media.  We keep in stock the largest selection of specialty decal paper, decal film, photo film and adhesive photo papers, all made in the USA

Clear laser printable vinyl. Soft flexible clear decal media for color laser printers. Ideal for use in small production runs and for "mock up' applications. Will adhere well to glass vessel and will not lift up. Can be used on most polyester and PET bottles used for cosmetic products and food containers. Before committing to large scale production make tests using the printer and containers to determine print quality and how well the labels adhere to the substrate you are using,.

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